is an integral part of our business!


​​​GES is concerned with the safety, health and the welfare of our employees and we maintain an active health and safety program which includes training, mentoring, monitoring and reinforcement. We feel that a strong safety program is necessary as most of GES’ work takes place on active construction sites with the numerous hazards associated with that type of work.

We incorporate Health and Safety into our training and mentoring program for new employees. Minimum safety expectations, including vehicle and job site safety, are clearly communicated. Our field personnel follow safety procedures on the sites to which they are assigned. At other locations without safety programs in place, we follow our own internal procedures. We monitor safety precautions through audits by senior GES field personnel - this includes verification that internal and client safety policies are strictly adhered to and followed at all times.  

GES reinforces our safety culture and conducts weekly toolbox safety meetings with our field and office staff concentrating on general and specific seasonal safety topics. Safety is further reinforced at our technician staff meetings.  

As part of our safety program, GES is committed to maintaining a drug free workplace. Pre-employment, random, and for-cause drug testing is performed to enforce this policy.