Star of Hope Cornerstone Community, Houston

United Airlines Technical Operations Center  ​​
George Bush Airport - Houston, Texas

The United Airlines Technical Operations Center at George Bush IAH project consists of a 250,000 SF hangar/administration facility, 550,000 SF apron/taxi lane with 1MM SF of additional paving, parking and roadway areas and associated utilities. GES was selected to perform the construction materials testing for the project through a competitive evaluation process implemented by United Airlines and VRX, Inc.  

The CMT inspection scope for the building is anticipated to include monitoring of over 50,000 CY of building pad earthwork, spread footings, a total of 10 slab on grade pours, elevated decks, conventional reinforcing steel inspections, structural steel inspections, and fireproofing. The CMT inspection scope for the aircraft apron/taxi lane is anticipated to include monitoring of 550,000 SF of FAA compliant 20-inch heavy duty aircraft pavement with chemically stabilized subgrade, chemically treated base materials and asphalt and an additional 1MM SF of passenger vehicle parking and drive areas with chemically stabilized subgrade, relocation and concrete paving of 1,000 LF of city roads being constructed to City of Houston standards.  The concrete testing scope is expected to include both compressive and flexural strength tests and batch plant inspections. The CMT inspection scope for the site is anticipated to include monitoring of trench backfill for public and private utilities.      

GES’ laboratory testing is expected to include soil classification, sieve analysis, Atterberg limits, moisture density relations, minus No. 200, soil cement compressive strength tests, L.A. abrasion, moisture content for coarse and fine aggregates, sodium/magnesium sulfate soundness, asphalt extraction/gradation test, asphalt lab molded density, asphalt Hveem stability, and asphalt maximum theoretical specific gravity.   

The project is anticipated to be completed with aggressive construction schedule, various phases of the work  are projected to be performed concurrently, requiring GES to monitor work being performed by multiple drilling, utility, and concrete contractors across the site. GES anticipates over the course of the construction operations, to maintain a field inspection staff of up to eight individuals covering a 24 hour per day, 7-day per week work schedule. The CMT inspection work consisted of both land-side and airside areas at IAH.